Your investment is highly respected and taken seriously.

These Shih Tzu come from choice selections, forming genetic excellence in shape and temperament, all have DNA reports listing their clearance from hundreds of genetic defects, with an array of different colors (black, dobie, liver, lilac, white, red, parti) and sizes for you to choose from. The blood lines provide history of genetic excellence and health. Every puppy comes with a certificate of veterinary inspection. Vaccinations are all current and up to date when you receive your puppy. You have a health guarantee of  one year from any fatal genetic defects. 

My whole fur “team” lives, as part of the family, in the home. The new puppies enjoy this lifestyle, which helps them to be socially ready for your home. You will receive weekly photos, videos and updates until your puppy comes home to you.
I welcome you to
pick your puppy up and see the way they are cared for. Understanding that may not always be possible, delivery is available with additional fees listed below:

$0 for delivery charge for up to 40 miles and/or one hour away.

$200 delivery charge for up to 150 miles and/or two hours away.

$300 delivery charge for up to 250 miles and/or over two hours away.

The price of your puppy is $2500. Your deposit at time of contract is applied toward this purchase amount. You will have ongoing support and help for your puppy’s entire life. 


Your puppy will come home with the following:

  • all vaccinations current, as listed below
  • a health inspection certificate from the veterinarian
  • dew claws removed
  • complete puppy care package, as listed below




Puppy Care Package

  • blanket snuggled by mom and siblings
  • comfort pillow bed
  • package of food 
  • toy
  • piddle pad
  • teething stick

    Vaccinations & Deworming

    2 weeks of age:      First Dose of Nemex II (dewormer for mom and puppies)

    3-4 weeks of age:   Baycox (Coccidia preventative and/or cure)

    4 weeks of age:       Second Dose of Nemex II

    6 weeks of age:       3 day process…Panacure (broader dewormer & Giardia treatment)    

    7-8 weeks of age:    Veterinarian Health Certificate and first set of puppy shots (5 Way)  

Size and Weight

Due to the nature of puppy growth patterns, I generally cannot guess on size until they are 4-6 weeks old. Even when I make my best guess, they sometimes surprise me. The tiniest one born may wind up being the largest by the time they are 8 weeks old. 

Here are two commonly used methods of adult size estimating:

4 weeks: puppy weight x 5

6 weeks: puppy weight x 4

8 weeks: puppy weight x 3

12 weeks: puppy weight x 2.5

14 weeks: puppy weight x 2


Each way has proven quite accurate. Keep in mind, the Shih Tzu matures quickly and reaches full adult growth by nine months of age. 

*Weight vs Size

Please remember you cannot tell the “size” of a Shih Tzu by weight alone. Some Shih Tzu can carry a lot of weight for their size and this is rather common. Most of my dogs are short and stocky and carry a good amount of weight in their little bodies. You truly cannot tell the size by weight alone.


Puppy’s Food

Food, especially for a Shih Tzu, is a very important factor. This breed is prone to reactions from food, including itchy skin, coarser hair, and yeast overgrowth which can cause ear infections and tear staining.  Grain free food will greatly help, if not eliminate those issues completely, providing a beautifully soft, stain free Shih Tzu. However, in 2019, the FDA found strictly grain-free diets can be damaging to the heart. So, the best remedy I use is to have a diet consisting of a lower level of protein food, 27 grams, with minimal grains for a balanced diet.