Your investment is highly respected and taken seriously.


 All ZuZu Shih Tzu puppies are AKC and come from exclusive parents, forming genetic excellence in health and temperament (loyal, obedient, friendly). The entire team had DNA testing completed with reports verifying their clearance from hundreds of genetic defects and illnesses. This precise process of breeding prevents the puppies from having or carrying many issues, giving you the best foundation of health available. Their bloodlines provide a history of excellence and you are given a 3 year health guarantee from any fatal genetic defects.

As to the variety within our team, I offer you an array of different colors in a tiny size to choose from. Litters are categorized by parents’ variations of the dam and sire we have. 

Puppies will reach adult sizes maxed between 4-8 pounds. 

My Shih Tzus live with us in our home, each being part of our lives throughout the day and night. The puppies enjoy this lifestyle, as well, which helps them to be socially ready for your home. You will receive weekly photos, updates, and videos until your puppy joins you. All vaccinations are up to date when you receive your puppy and each have been certified for health excellence by a veterinarian. Puppies are placed with the best candidates. We look forward to talking about matching you with your desired baby. There are no breeding rights available at this time. This is a placement for a loving addition to your household. 

The health standards are kept exceptionally high and doctors oversee the health of each litter.
Any deposit amount received is applied towards your purchase amount.  

Included is ongoing support and help for you during your puppy’s life.


Your puppy will come home with the following:

  • security blanket with mom’s scent and a favorite toy, these items offer comfort in the transition of homes
  • sample of food the puppy has been eating since being weaned off of mom, this provides you a foundation to start or food to combine with the transition of your choice 
  • the record of vaccines received and the veterinarian’s health certification of excellent heath condition 

Size and Weight

Due to the nature of puppy growth patterns, I generally cannot guess on size until they are 4-6 weeks old. Even when I make my best guess, they sometimes surprise me. The tiniest one born may wind up being the largest by the time they are 8 weeks old. Keep in mind, Shih Tzus mature quickly and reach full adult growth by ten months of age. 

Here are my methods of adult size estimating:

4 weeks: puppy weight x 5

6 weeks: puppy weight x 4

8 weeks: puppy weight x 3

12 weeks: puppy weight x 2.5