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  1. Thank you so much for my Princess Dixie! She is the sweetest little girl! I’m so glad I found her & thank you for raising such a loving puppy!

  2. Last December, we bought a beautiful and sweet Imperial Shih tzu puppy from Susan. Her entire family was there when we picked our new baby up. They were kind and supportive through the entire process. Susan has made a sincere effort in keeping in touch to check on our puppy. I would highly recommend her as a breeder.

  3. Thank you Susan for our cute Mateo he has definitely brought extra fun to our family. Thank you for being so kind and helping me with any questions or concerns I had. You have down an amazing job with these puppies and we can tell the care and love you have toward them. You are a great breeder!

  4. Thank You for choosing Me to be Bella’s mom.
    Last year January I bought a beautiful Shih Tzu from Susan.
    She is amazing gave me pictures of my baby kept me informed of my baby and asked me what did I want to name her so that she could start calling her her name. Any questions that I had she was there to answer them. I could not have gotten a better person than Susan. Susan is a great Breeder. Till this day I still sent her pictures of my Bella. And if I have any questions she’s always there to answer them and she does not get bothered by it. Thank you Susan for choosing me to be Bella’s mom. She’s my baby girl and she is very spoiled😁😁

  5. Susan isn’t just a “Breeder of Chinese Imperial Shih Tzus”. She is a breeder of unconditional love in what she does and in the little extended family you are privileged to be adopted into. It shows in everything she does from the regular updates of how your puppy is doing, helpful hints and the environment she provides. Her entire family is involved, human and canine alike with a well balanced and social life. Very pleasant experience and as far as we are concerned, the best option if you are looking for a top breeder with healthy, happy and loving Shih Tzus.

  6. Thank you for everything. We got our boy yesterday. Susan is very professional. She took great care of our dog until it was ready for it’s furever home. We had a hard time finding a breeder we could trust. It was not until we saw Susan on the AKC breeder list that put our minds at ease. Susan kept us updated through out our boys growth from birth until we picked him up yesterday. Thanks again and we appreciate everything.

  7. Thank you for raising such a loving, sweet, and confident little boy!! We are so grateful to have Ted as part of our family! Susan is very knowledgeable and welcoming. She allowed my family to meet her family (humans and dogs!), she was very generous with updates on our puppy, pictures and texts. We couldn’t be happier!! Thank you

  8. I just received my 2nd baby from you & Im beyond blessed! You do such an amazing job with your puppies & they make the absolute BEST family members! Thank you for all you do!! I highly recommend to anyone wanting a new family member to choose you!!

  9. We had a wonderful time with Susan and her family.. She not only picked a puppy that was perfect for our home, she listened to our needs, Susan is just a true breeder. The entire family is involved with the home raised amazing pups. Our pup is exactly what we wanted and fits our family perfectly! She asks you questions that help to find your perfect companion. Our Suzy Q is not only adorable, she has the greatest temperament. You can feel comfortable asking any questions and be assured Susan will not only answer but make you feel at ease. I feel at ease recommending her to anyone looking for a sweet, healthy addition to the family. I truly can’t thank her enough. I know we will all be able to stay in touch always.

  10. Working with Susan and her family was such a blessing. My mom had been looking for a fair priced reputable breeder for months and finally found a beautiful little boy with her. The animals are taken great care of, they are sociable and always felt like a warm and welcoming environment. She answered all of our questions and even gave the puppy (we now named Sammy) to my mom after someone wanted to pay more for him. It just shows how genuine and kind Susan and her family is when it comes to picking the right individuals for her puppies. I’d happily get another puppy from her and her wonderful family.

  11. After picking up Ziggy last weekend, I can confidently say that Susan is hands down the best breeder I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. The passion and dedication she has for the wellbeing of the puppies shows in everything she does. She delivers frequent updates about the status of the pups throughout the process, and every decision she makes about their food, health, and overall routine shows how invested she is in making sure they have the best lives. Susan is a kind person who raises the newborns in a beautiful home where there is clearly a lot of love everywhere. Ziggy has been one of the smartest and fastest-learning shih tzus I’ve had in only his first few days of settling into his new home. If I decide to seek a brother or sister for him in the future, Susan will be the first person I contact.

  12. We picked up our puppy, Chloe, just over two weeks ago. And we couldn’t be happier! Susan has been a joy to work with. She is so passionate about her work and truly cares about her puppies. She kept us so informed about our puppies well-being, making the transition from her home to ours so smooth. I highly recommend Susan as a breeder and I am so glad that I found her. Thank you!

  13. I can’t recommend Susan enough! I was thankfully referred to her by a friend who had a friend that got her precious pup from her. Susan communicated with me A LOT bc this was our first puppy and I had A Lot of questions for her! From beginning to end, she answered all of my questions, before and after puppy pick up, and found us the PERFECT puppy! She’s exactly the colors I hoped for Red and White with black markings and her personality is superb! I take her everywhere with us and nobody even thinks she’s a real dog! The comments I get on her everyday are exceptional! Her behavior is very go with the flow. Shes been to the airport, doctors visits, shopping and patio eating with ease! She hardly ever barks in public! She gets along with children and other dogs. She made a home with us very quickly and easily! She was easy to house train and at only 16 weeks, she’s fully potty trained! She also walked on a leash immediately and instinctively knew how to play fetch! We’re beyond impressed! I have continue using Susan’s groomer (we love her and they love Lola) and her veterinarian which has been fantastic as well! I highly recommend Susan and her family if you are looking for a Shih Tsu puppy full of love! We looked for over 6 months to find somebody we trusted. She’s been the perfect addition for us!

  14. Susan truly is a angel.I recommend her to anyone who whats a healthy beautiful puppy.I myself have gotten three from her and all of them are balls of joy.Susan has helped me with all my questions and never once has been unkind.Thank you so much for your guidence and kindness

  15. I received my Snicker Doodle Do when he was 12 weeks old. He joined my 9 year old Shih Tzu, Teddy Bear Boy. Travis, the breeder delivered him and spent an hour introducing doggies. Travis has a calm, soft voice and talked all 3 of us thru everything. In just 11 days, this 2# baby is playing tug with Teddy, sleeping next to him in my bed, and follows him everywhere. The breeders, Travis and Susan are magic. My puppy already knew potty time was to happen in grass. Amazing. Only 1 accident when I didn’t remember to take him out right after eating. No accidents in house even during a 12 hour night in my bed! Their puppies obviously receive undivided attention in Susan and Travis’s home before arrival to their new home. I highly recommend a puppy or 2 or 3 from this loving home.

  16. Mary and I contacted Susan about getting a puppy. We made the arrangements and proceeded to await for the new arrival. During the time that passed as our puppy was growing with his mother, Susan kept in contact with us with phone calls, texts and videos monitoring our little guy’s progress in preparation for his homecoming with us. She and Travis were more than we could’ve expected due to their professional, yet personal care of Charlie, as we named him. Susan is loving and caring with the all of the puppies with a very special touch. They are well trained and already close to being house broken after only being 12 weeks old. All of his shots and treaments were taken care of by them. At long last when we arrived to gather up Charlie to take him home, Susan had prepared a beautiful send off package for us. We have to say that there were so many special things that took place in this entire process, that we can highly recommend them. Lastly, one thing that we discovered after having Charlie for just a few days, and has now become his mantra, is that he belives that “Life is one Big Party!”
    …Thanx to Susan and Brad…

  17. Melodie, I am grateful she is with you and you two are enjoying life together.🥰 I appreciate the updates.
    Many Regards,

  18. Ms. Kim,
    It was an honor to find such a lovely person to have for this special tiny. She needed the family support and attention she has. I am proud she is yours.
    Truly, Susan

  19. Giselle,
    Mateo has that sweetness about him and needed to be around others. How wonderful for the perfect matching into your home with a big brother and loving parents. He is living a happy life. I love the updates.

  20. Thank you Sandi for your kindness in details of what you experienced. I know Bella was best placed with you and what a wonderful time watching her grow up with the love she has from your whole family. I know she is your baby.
    Truly, Susan

  21. Dear Kathy,
    Thank you for choosing me as your breeder of choice and giving Snickers the very best. I made a perfect match putting you two together!
    Many Regards,

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