ZuZu’s Beauty, Meili

Meili has a beautiful full coat and great physical structure. She is well trained and does an amazing job loving her little ones. She is truly a star and weighs 13lbs.10oz.   Born June 29, 2017

               ZuZu’s Treasure, Jewel

Jewel is Meili’s daughter and is sired by champion lines. She is short with a sweet disposition and has been easy to train. She learns quickly and desires to please. Her favorite things are daily walks and cuddling. She is an amazing and nurturing mom. She weighs 9 lbs.1oz  Born January 15, 2019.

ZuZu’s Namesake “ZuZu Petals” 

ZuZu has very short legs and a (cobby) body along with a flat face, high set nose and beautiful full eyes. She is a fun bundle of love and energy. Her health and structure are impeccable. I am excited to see her babies. She weighs 6lbs. 2 oz.         Born October 14, 2019

ZuZu’s Sneaky Pete, Flint

ZuZu’s Sneaky Pete is so full of love. He enjoys being with everyone and loves to cuddle and be held. His antics keep us smiling. He weighs 7lbs.,1oz. Born  January 30, 2020