ZuZu Shih Tzus

Sarasota, Florida

(775) 777-6070

Please complete this form and initial where requested, then sign, date and return this document to reserve your puppy of choice. You may email or mail this contract. No puppy is considered reserved until the signed and dated Purchase Contract is received along with a deposit of $500 which is applied to the total cost of your puppy. Upon such time, the puppy you have chosen will be taken off the market and held for you until he/she is ready to come home. BREEDER accepts deposit payments by personal check, Zelle to: (775)777-6070, or Pay Pal+3% to: nedlichandler@gmail.com.


Puppy Hold/Purchase Contract


The BREEDER has done everything possible to produce a healthy and sound puppy by only breeding dogs not known to have genetic faults and raising the puppy in the best way possible with regards to diet, exercise, socialization and veterinary care.

The BREEDER assures all age appropriate vaccinations will be given and a record of this vaccination history will be included with puppy package upon pick up or delivery.

BUYER is purchasing a pedigree Shih Tzu puppy and BREEDER guarantees the pedigree.

ZuZu Shih Tzus (BREEDER) agrees to sell this puppy to:

BUYER: ___________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________________________________________

Cell Phone: ______________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________


Date of Birth: ___________Sex: M or F

Out of Sire:__________________________AKC #_____________________

Out of Dam:_________________________AKC #_____________________

Puppy’s Name:______________________*Buyer may change.

Puppy’s color and/or markings____________________________________________

Sale Price of Puppy: $_______________ Deposits Applied$________________Balance Upon Delivery Owed $________________



Initials______I/We, the BUYER, agrees to have this puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. If the puppy is found to be other than healthy, the BUYER MUST notify the BREEDER within 24 hours of examination. If BUYER chooses not to have puppy examined within 72 hours, only life threatening genetic issues that cause the puppy to expire will be covered under replacement warrantee within 14 months of obtaining puppy. No other sickness or health issue will be considered without the 72 hour examination.

Initials______I/We, the BUYER, understand the BREEDER offers a (1) year Replacement Warranty for any congenital disease  that caused the puppy to expire. A notarized Veterinarian Report, with findings stating medical certainty, that the death was caused from the prenatal state, will be required. Buyer is required to send the notarized Veterinarian Report by registered mail along with the puppy’s medical records. BREEDER’s veterinarian must confirm and agree with the diagnosis. If as mentioned above was the facts, the BREEDER will provide BUYER with a same-sex replacement puppy of equal value from the next available litter.

Initials______I/We, the BUYER, agree to maintain the puppy’s health in good condition, continuing to complete vaccinations, as required, and to provide yearly examinations to assure good health.

Initials_______I/We, the BUYER, hereby agree, if at any time I/We cannot take proper care of the puppy or no longer wants the puppy, the BUYER must contact the BREEDER and the BREEDER will have the first choice to either: (a) take the PUPPY back or (b) assist the BUYER in finding a suitable home for the puppy at no expense to the BREEDER.

Initials_____I/We, the BUYER, understand the option offered for limited AKC registration upon proof of spay/neuter of the puppy by 6 months of age. AKC registration papers will be sent to the BUYER after proof of spay/neuter is received by the BREEDER.

Initials_______I/We, the BUYER, understand the BREEDER makes no warranties as to the size of the puppy.

Initials_______I/We, the BUYER, understand the BREEDER will not issue any monetary refunds.

Initials_______I/We, the BUYER, understand the puppy delivery is a service offered with an additional charge based on the location of delivery and nanny services required. 


BUYER NAME______________________________BUYER NAME______________________________

BUYER SIGNATURE________________________ BUYER SIGNATURE________________________


BREEDER NAME:  Susan Nedli